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Join the dynamic, fast-paced IT industry with a strong, local company!  The Computer Center is currently looking for additions to our team in the following positions:

Position: Dispatcher/Administrative Assistant

Date Posted: 17/05/2017

The Computer Center is seeking a part-time Dispatcher/Administrative Assistant.  If you know of someone that might be a great match for our company, please have them apply at:
Corporate Services, Inc.
109 E. Milwaukee St.
Janesville, WI  53545



This position will encompass two major functions within our organization, Dispatcher and Administrative Assistant.  First, you will be responsible for taking all inbound calls, triaging support related calls, and creating tickets in our ticketing system.  You will liaise with clients for scheduling of services and monitor the completion of tasks by our engineers.


Secondly, you will work closely as an assistant, predominately to the Marketing and Sales staff.  This includes assisting with preparation of marketing and sales materials and documentation, scheduling, and facilitating data entry tasks.

Necessary Skills and Attributes

A successful candidate for this position has an extremely upbeat and positive personality; has worked in customer service in high-stress, fast-paced environments; has no fear of making “cold” calls and follow up calls to current or perspective clients; has exception verbal and written communication skills; and can juggle many tasks and interruptions at one time.   This person must also have a “floor sweeper” attitude, being willing to do any task, as we all wear multiple hats in our company.  Further, this person needs to demonstrate a strong, assertive personality that will take initiative to find additional tasks to take on, and work to relieve many of the mundane tasks from other staff members’ workloads.

Commonly Expected Tasks

  • Answer phones
  • Triage Support Calls (following our script and training)
  • Enter calls into our ticketing system
  • Assign tickets to engineers
  • Schedule tickets with clients and engineers
  • Check in products and move along the delivery of services
  • Follow up with engineers to verify ticket completion
  • Follow up with clients to verify that the tickets were completed to their satisfaction
  • Printing of reports and marketing materials
  • Binding of materials
  • Data entry
  • Researching prospective new clients
  • Follow up calls to clients and prospects to determine receipt of marketing materials and book appointments
  • Create moderate to complex documents in Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Research topics and prepare written documents regarding findings
  • Proofreading and reviewing of a variety of materials
  • Other items as requested by staff
  • Check in with Sales and Marketing  and Operations Staff to request additional tasks

Contact Information

The Computer Center
1 Parker Place Suite 655
Janesville, WI 53545
(608) 755-1524
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