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For over 30 years The Computer Center has been serving the IT business needs of Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. We started as a training company back in the 1980’s and our focus on helping people use technology to their advantage continues today.

Today we have clients ranging in size from 3 to 300 computers all across the Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois area. We are a business-only service provider focusing on helping our clients meet their business objectives through a strong IT infrastructure. We know that a solid, efficient network and computer infrastructure can help your business be more profitable.

An Entire IT Department at Your Disposal

Our team-oriented IT solution includes an advanced ticketing system and an extensive knowledge base. Our close-knit staff has easy access to our documentation about your network. This means that you are not reliant upon one single individual that holds all the knowledge of your network’s inner workings. No more worries about vacations and sick days. We can still help.

We employ an entire IT department so you don’t have to. We hire employees at a variety of skill levels and with a range of expertise so that our team is as robust and diverse as possible.

Our Help Desk Engineers are our first line of support, and will work with you to quickly handle most of your day-to-day requests. The staff is assigned specifically to handling incoming calls and tickets, giving you the fastest response times we can.

Our Senior Engineers oversee our staff, manage projects and act as a second level of support for those especially tough issues.

Our Dispatcher makes sure that incoming tickets are created and prioritized correctly, handles scheduling and arranging of on-site visits, equipment installations, deliveries and pick-ups, and makes sure that you are satisfied with the work we have done.





Wouldn’t I be better off hiring my own internal IT staff?
Maybe. Depending on the size of your network, you might find directly hiring your own IT person the best solution for you. However, we have found that we can more cost effectively provide IT services for companies that have as many as 200 computers and multiple locations. Plus, by outsourcing, you are not paying for all the “extras” you would with employees. This would include employment taxes, vacations, benefits, phones, etc. Furthermore, our solution provides you with an entire IT department, not just a single person. This actually gives you a greater base of experiences and expertise than hiring a single person. Also, this means that if your IT person is sick or on vacation, we can still complete the work for you.

Isn’t Outsourcing my IT more expensive?
Not really. While on the surface our hourly rate might appear to be higher than what you would pay for an employee, you must remember that when you pay by the hour your costs are lower because you are only paying for productive time. Your are not paying for the additional overhead you might have if the person were on-site full-time, such as extra phones, office space, equipment, benefits, etc.

I have someone on our staff that knows a lot about computers. He helps us out. Why would I hire an IT company?
Unfortunately, unless your go-to person was hired as an IT person, he is probably costing you more money in the long run. First, every time you stop him from doing the job you hired him for (i.e. sales, accounting) by asking him to resolve a computer issue, you take time away from that task. That means that he is postponing the job he was truly hired to do, making him significantly less efficient and costing you more in the long run.

Also, when your network grows the time required to maintain it becomes more demanding, further reducing the money they could be making your company and their productivity in their primary job function.

Although your staff person may be somewhat knowledgeable and have good intentions, he is not an IT professional. His exposure to the IT industry, its issues and technology, is limited to what he encounters in the small bubble that is your company. An outsourced IT company, on the other hand, is made up of people who have degrees in IT, receive constant training, and work with a wide variety of clients, exposing them to a greater scope of issues – making them more productive and better able to handle your problems correctly.

Finally, there are times that you just need someone with more experience to handle a tougher problem or project.

Why would I pay you a monthly fee?
Flat-fee IT services are beneficial to businesses of all sizes that are looking to control their costs, while improving their network’s stability and performance. With a flat fee contract, such as our Comprehensive Care product, both your goals and our goals are in alignment. You can focus on your business and budget your IT costs. Meanwhile, we are free to kick our services into high gear and really do what we should to keep you running.

When you hire a salaried employee, you give them their basic job function and expect them to perform that job to the best of their ability. Flat-fee IT services are like that. We know that we have what our responsibilities are and understand what to do to keep your network running smoothly and we just do it – whatever it takes. This allows us the freedom to do our work without having to wait for your request, or to have you worry that we are going to exceed a budget. It’s fixed.

Isn’t it better to just call you when I need help?
In the long run, no. You see, networks are like living, breathing creatures. They evolve and grow and change. They need constant maintenance and watching. If you are only calling us when there is a fire, it’s usually already too late. Proactive, regular maintenance and attention are what truly make a network stable and reliable and gives your employees the best productivity. We prefer to think of our services as smoke detectors, not fire engines. Fire engines are expensive to send out, and it’s usually too late. Smoke detectors cost little up front, require some regular maintenance (like changing the batteries and testing them) and cost less in the long run.

“We have been very pleased with the service we have received from The Computer Center. I appreciate your documentation of our system, so when we discuss problems and upgrades over the phone you have information about our whole system available. Your suggestions for improvements have helped us function more efficiently – suggestions for improvements that I didn’t even know were available or that would help us.”

-Tracy T.
Nelson-Young Lumber Co.


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